“ With a keen eye for aesthetics, my work comes from a visual curiosity found from the everyday to the imaginary. From simplistic forms of photography to sometimes a more surreal approach, I aim to explore and question everyday life.
At times I like to see things as they seemingly are, while other times I may attempt to search deeper into a situation and toy with what we know to be reality.

Initially starting a film & video course at Edith Cowan University, it wasn’t too long before my interests also lead towards photography. There had always been a fascination with being behind the camera, creating scenarios and expressing certain opinions. Through film and photography I am able to do just this, and since graduating from my courses my mind is filled with ideas and views waiting to be expressed.

Noskire Media caters for a variety of photography styles.. From fashion, glamour & portraiture to events, gigs and promotional work. Any styles, ideas or needs can be met."

- Erikson Nygaard